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Networks and Telecom Computing Platforms brochure / catalog

Advantech brings the core competencies of our Blade Computing Solutions and Network Application Platforms. It mirrors the changing market requirements we are observing where baseline technologies and platform scalability needs converge.

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Next Generation AdvancedTCA Solutions Accelerating brochure / catalog

Accelerating Network Platform Evolution with ATCA Blades, Systems and Services

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Scalable Network Application Platforms brochure / catalog
Now you can scale up and out with all the benefits of a common architecture
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Your Go-to-Market Partner for the New IP Infrastructure
Advantech is a global leader in providing trusted, innovative embedded computing products, services, and solutions. Advantech Networks and Communications Group has being providing mission critical hardware to the world’s leading telecom and networking equipment manufacturers for over 10 years. Whether it is wired or wireless, virtual or physical nodes at the core or the edge of the network, Advantech’s products are embedded in the telecommunications infrastructure that our world depends upon.
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Advantech Video Infrastructure Solutions: Accelerating Media Workflow Transformation
Advantech VEGA Video Infrastructure Solutions are designed to boost video equipment performance at the lowest power budget while fully complying with broadcast industry needs. By allowing OEMs to take advantage of the latest processing technologies including 4K/UHD HEVC encoding we facilitate the deployment of new scalable and efficient video solutions. In addition, Advantech's proven expertise in networking and computing solutions together with support for Video over IP technology such as SMPTE 2022 and Sony IP Live enables us to lead innovation in the IP transition of the industry and get our customers ahead of the curve. Advantech's standard product portfolio can be tailored to meet a range of system requirements in terms of functionality, power budget, physical dimensions and cost. Such near-turn-key solutions significantly reduce the time-to-market efforts for our customers.
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Advantech CompactPCI Solutions
Since its inception back in the mid 1990's CompactPCI® has worked its way into some of the most mission critical applications on this planet. It can be found at the nerve-centre of the world's most hi-tech trains, at the core of the telecommunication network, switching calls and providing critical signalling information in essential core network elements. In both its commercial and ruggedized form, CompactPCI controls industrial and chemical plants, while in the military arena it is employed for battle coordination managing vital communications and command functionality.
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