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Smart Monitoring and Management Solutions for Quality Testing Labs
Quality and reliability assurance tests are commonly used to validate whether products can operate correctly in regular and special environments in accordance with the functions and features set by designers, which is an integral part of the product development and design improvement process. Intelligent Quality Test Laboratory solutions can realize "central management," "remote monitoring," and "real-time debugging" these three characteristics through the equipment integration and cloud platform for users to control the equipment operational status anytime, and improve machine reliability, equipment utilization rate, and ease of operation. Intelligent Quality Test Laboratory solutions also meet the users demands for the speed of quality tests.
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Intelligent Agricultural Solutions
When Internet of Things (IoT) technology is successfully applied to farm management, smart agriculture is an inevitable trend, accurately monitoring information from agriculture environmental control to the crop growth process to achieve high yield good quality harvests.
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Smart Monitoring and Diagnostic & Predictive Maintenance Solution for the Key Components of Machinery
In order to ensure the “Near-Zero Breakdown” of equipment, Intelligent Maintenance Systems (IMS) actively implement predictive maintenance and health management techniques in industrial production. The center predicts and evaluates the performance degradation process of equipment and product. Different from the early diagnosis of malfunction, the intelligent maintenance focuses on predicting the entire performance degradation process of equipment and product, rather than diagnosing the performance at some points. When analyzing the data, IMS center introduced Peer-to-Peer concept investigating the health condition by comparing similar instruments for adjusting the data type and quantity to meet demands, rather than uses simple data sampling, transmission, and analysis in the traditional way. It improves the accuracy of prediction and maintenance decisions.
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Power and Energy Management Solutions
Power & energy applications are becoming more and more critical as demands for electricity continue to increase worldwide. New challenges are arising due to the limitations of traditional power resources as we try to minimize the impact our power usage has on the environment. To that end, renewable energies, such as wind and solar power are playing more significant roles in modern electricity grids. Furthermore, the modernization of legacy Transmission & Distribution (T&D) systems and providing reliable T&D information for electric power management are becoming key goals for today’s power and energy applications. To optimize the effectiveness of integration from various Distributed Energy Resources (DER) and ensure the interoperability and interconnectivity of control devices with varying proprietary protocols, the IEC 60870-5 standard for telecontrol, teleprotection, and associated telecommunications for electric power systems.
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New Energy Solution
Wind farms and photovoltaic power stations are often located in remote places which make controlling the on-site
operation status difficult; unexpected stoppages or abnormal occurrences cause problems and Advantech provides
complete solutions for real-time monitoring. Wind farm intelligent gateways acquire a variety of field data, and wireless
communication solves the issue of complex wiring problems, large amounts of information is processed in a cloud server and finally to SCADA software presenting real-time monitoring information, failure alarms and customized report, to effectively develop the maximum operational efficiency of the wind farm and photovoltaic power station.

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Food & Beverage Processing Solutions
In the new era of globalization, food and beverage producers operate manufacturing facilities located in different countries with a global supply chain. Therefore, building up a standardized and scalable production system is imperative for today’s corporate competitiveness. Smart factories are an industrial trend that use networking and intelligent technologies to integrate all the process, from sourcing and manufacturing to distribution.
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