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2016 Automation Panel-Modular Panel Platform
When faced with the rapid market changes brought about by Industry 4.0, basic product provision is not enough; instead, solutions to specific problems must be developed. Stand-alone display modules and box modules can be easily integrated into versatile touch panel computers to serve as control panels, industrial thin clients, and industrial monitors and web terminals for diverse applications. Modular panel platforms benefit customers by enabling wide product offerings and supporting the flexible creation of new business models. Customers can assemble comprehensive portfolios that promptly address the needs of end users. Additionally, platforms with a modular design enable more easy, rapid, and comprehensive customization.
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2016 Configurable Panel PCs
One major disadvantage of traditional panel PCs is the lack of flexible configuration, which limits customers to the systemoptions chosen by the manufacturer. To address this problem, Advantech developed the industry’s first configurable panelPC that allows system integrators to select any mini-ITX motherboard (MB) for installation by Advantech engineers.
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2016 Advantech Embedded Automation Computer
In the Industrial 4.0 era, fanless and ruggedized properties are not the only criteria for Industrial Embedded Computers. Advantech’s Industrial Embedded Computers offer flexible and expandable features and our new UNO-2000 series are based on a new modular form factor. Integrated with iDoor expansibility, the new UNO-2000 series is adapted for Embedded Automation applications. UNO-2271G is the world smallest embedded computer being the same size as a standard SSD, and the optimized performance of UNO-2484G is only 7.9” with TPM2.0 for Cyber Security.They both easily integrate with Advantech WebAccess which helps erase the gap between IT and OT.
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2016 Advantech Automation Panel
Advantech’s new range of star products include several new models in the Touch Panel Computer(TPC), Stationary Panel Computer(SPC) and Industrial Monitor(FPM) range of devices, all of which come with true flat style by 16:9 multi-touch displays or 4:3 5W resistive touch, high-performance dual-core processors and IP66 certified front panels making them more elegant and fit for smart factory.
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2016 Advantech WebAccess
The 2016 Advantech WebAccess contains information on the hottest WebAccess software for 2016. This 24 page brochure includes WebAccess/Cloud, WebAccess/SCADA, WebAaccess/HMI, WebAccess/CNC and a lot of application stories.
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Advantech Smart Meter

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