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Advantech's Comprehensive IPC Platform Serve the Roles of Rail Station Management
Advantech's Comprehensive IPC Platform Serve the Roles of Rail Station Management
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Green Factory IT

Title: Green Factory IT
Abstract: Please join Advantech webinar about the Green Factory IT to hear more about the benefits of Green IT in Smart Factories and Facilities. We will also discuss about what are the European Union restrictions and directions for companies in this matter? Does EU will reach 20% energy efficiency target by 2020? How market will have to evolve to meet directives and business needs?

What will be the evolution of Factory 4.0 and what will be benefits of Internet of Things? Together with Advantech Product Sales Managers we would like to show you how Advantech´s Green IT Industrial PCs and other products can support your factory environment in this amazing process. Save the date and join us!

Paul.Diepstraten - Product Sales Director Advantech Europe
Marco Zampolli - Industrial Computing Product Sales Manager Europe
Grace Yu - Intelligent Systems Product Sales Manager
Frank Loew - Industrial Connectivity Product Sales Manager Europe 

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Automatic Fare Collection (AFC) System
Automatic Fare Collection System (AFC) consists of automatic gate machine, ticket vending machine, and all other forms of self-service station. Advantech serves high performance and integrated platforms which are necessary to keep passenger flow run smoothly at peak hours; meanwhile, all cash flow data will be gathered and transmitted through Ethernet switch.
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Solid iSystem Sector Build-up
2014 Advantech iAutomation & iSystems World Partner Conference

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