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2016 Fanless Embedded Systems
Advantech new ARK fanless embedded systems are designed to provide rapid configurable I/O solutions for diverse industrial and embedded applications. This modular design feature maximizes benefits with without additional customization time, NRE, and cost. All possible configurations are fully tested and verified by Advantech and have been certified by extensive international standards, including EC, FCC, CB, UL, CCC, BSMI, as well as safety standard of UL, CCC and BSMI, the most complete certifications list among competitors.
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2016 Industrial Display Solutions
Advantech designs, develops and manufactures display systems that meet the demands of industrial display markets in transportation, medical, and many system integration markets globally. Combining proven technologies and flexible manufacturing, Advantech creates class leading solutions for your customers that deliver significant product differentiation and competitive advantage. Our customer-centric approach reinforces all of our activities and is an essential part of the thousands of products we ship daily. Advantech breathes new life into your next design with our award winning display systems. We also provide a display Design To Order Service to provide tailor-made display solutions to meet specific application requirements through advanced, innovative and world leading technologies.
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2016 Smart Web-Based Signage Solutions
Digital signage is everywhere you go in retail stores, restaurants, airports, train stations and more. It has become a powerful marketing tool and is moving to the next level with three key developments: smart, interactive, and personalized. In the IoT era, digital signage connects seamlessly to all types of devices for better customer experience and data collection for business intelligence. To connect everything in the IoT domain, Advantech digital signage solutions cover most business and varied environment needs, from single in-store systems to commercial and industrial applications. All systems can be bundled with WiFi, 3G or LTE modules to provide diverse communication capabilities.
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2016 Computer On Modules
Computer-On-Module, or COM, is a highly integrated board with CPU, chipset, memory, and peripherals designed into a component module. COM requires a carrier board to power up and provide expansion interfaces and I/O for use. Since the COM architecture provides various standard specifications in different form factors and pin-out types, it not only gives OEM customers flexibility to choose a suitable solution for their applications but also saves development time. The COM standard includes COM Express®, ETX and Qseven, providing a wide variety of interfaces like PCI Express, SATA, IDE, USB, DDI, etc. These standards cover electrical and mechanical compatibilities for easy replacement or upgrade, regardless of the mechanical and thermal design. As a result, COM is one of the most popular choices for customers to design their application-specific solutions.
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Embedded IoT Applications Brochure
Advantech Embedded IoT Applications Brochure introduces 13 real embedded applications for smart cities, ranging from manufacturing, transportation, healthcare, and retail industries.
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WISE-PaaS IoT Software Platform Services

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