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MI/O Extension Total Solution-Build Intelligent Systems Quickly!, Advantech(EN)
Advantech MI/O Extension Single Board Computers solution includes flexible modularized offerings from embedded boards, modules to chassis. Featuring extensible multiple I/O, MI/O provides the utmost flexibility in building up an ideal system for various vertical markets--- it' s fast, easy and cost-saving.
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ARK-1122 Palm-size Fanless Intelligent System, Advantech(EN)
The ARK-1122, palm-size, fanless intelligent system, with Intel® Atom™ N2600/N2800 dual-core processor. ARK-1122 is a low-power consumption device, readily extendible with a rich selection of I/O connectors; it supports a wide range of operating temperatures (-20 ~ 60oC) and it is extremely flexible to deploy due to its small size. ARK-1122 supports Advantech SUSIAccess remote device management software to improve work efficiency. All these benefits make it an affordable product for applications in digital signage, factory/machine automation and thin client markets.
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Supercomputing 2014 - Advantech ARK-1123
Intel® Atom E3825 SoC with Dual GbE and Dual COM Fanless Box PC
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MI/O Extension - The New Extensible Platform for Efficient Development, Advantech(EN)
Advantech's innovative MI/O (Multiple I/O) Extension Single Board Computer all feature flexible and integrated multiple I/O to help aid efficient development, reduce resources, and assist integrators to provide optimized solutions in a more cost-effective way. By connecting with MIOe I/O extension modules which support additional extended unified interfaces including: DisplayPort, 4 PCIe x 1, LPC, SMBus, USB 2.0/USB 3.0, audio line-out and power, customers receive the best I/O choices to fulfill vertical application development as well as helping them retain their specialist domain knowhow. These features are all part of Advantech's thoughtful effort to help integrators flexibly develop market-sensitive solutions and seize those promising business opportunities!

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COM Advanced Thermal Solution Introduction, Advantech
Advantech has developed a highly efficient thermal solution–the Dynamic Heat Conduction System (DHCS). The advanced DHCS technology effectively improves heat transfer performance, which solves the heat dissipation problem that develops when a high performance CPU generates massive heat. With the help of the Dynamic Heat Conduction System, devices and systems run smoothly and reduce their chances of breakdown or data loss.

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The Internet of Things (IoT)- Empowered by ARM and RISC Technology
The nature of ARM/RISC business is complex and takes a longer development effort. Under the IoT era, the ARM/RISC developer will find it challenging to acquire reliable, wireless connections and to complete and implement embedded M2M solutions. ARM-based solutions with high connectivity are becoming one of the most important factors for enabling embedded IoT applications in the Smart City. Embedded, Mobile and Networking knowhow are three major key knowledge areas for developing connectivity solutions. Advantech continuously provides advanced ARM/RISC technologies and services to global customers, and keeps working closely with ecosystem partners for further innovation.
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