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Advantech UTC-510 Series 10.1" All-in-One Touch Computers (2017)
UTC-510 is a multipurpose 10.1" all-in-one computer that features a fanless design and a fourth-generation Intel® Atom™/Celeron® processor for delivering high-performance computing in a compact platform.
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Advantech and The Future of Retial_GFM Interview at EuroCIS 2016, Advantech(EN)
Exclusive Interview with Advantech at EuroCIS 2016. GFM Magazine interviewed C.H. Wu, the vice president of Intelligent Services Group, and other team leaders from Advantech to provide a detailed insight into Advantech’s intelligent retail and hospitality solutions, such as self-service kiosks, digital signage, smart mirrors, digital menu boards, mobile POS and touch displays, and how Advantech’s solutions will help retailers to create more engaging shopping experiences in the IoT-Era.
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Advantech Enabling Intelligent Retail and Hospitality, Advantech(EN)
Advantech Intelligent Retail Solutions make services more thoughtful, more efficient in business operating and strategy planning.
Digital technologies and shopper behavior changes have changed the retail business, and completely rewritten the original rise of what we learned in consumer activity and business outlook. The IoT, O2O, Cloud Service, Omni-Channel Retailing, Mobile Connectivity and future virtual retail development concepts, making retail began officially entered the intelligent era. IT management is absolutely crucial victory of future retail, digital services to give shoppers a more thoughtful, real-time shopping experience, and improve operational efficiency.

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