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Advantech UTC Series for Interactive Digital Signage Solution (2017)
Advantech UTC series touch computers provide the best interactive digital signage solution for a wide range of business environments, such as supermarkets, retail stores, public spaces, and meeting rooms.
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UTC Series Intelligent Customer Feedback Terminal Solution (2017)
Advantech UTC series AiO service touch computers are idea solution to build intelligent customer feedback terminals that offer a simple, intuitive solution for real-time customer feedback collection.
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Advantech AIM Series: Innovative Mobile POS Solution (2017)
Advantech mobile POS solution is be designed for multiple purposes which not only enables real-time data transmission, but also support multiple mobile payment service. Additionally, Advantech mobile solution also enables different applications in retail and hospitality market with more than 8 hours plus system operation to make it as ideal mobile
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UPOS-510 15" High-Performance Modularized POS System
Advantech UPOS-510 is modern industrial-grade POS with Intel® processor and its slim and borderless front touch panel offers a maximized viewing area and is IP65-rated for water and dust protection. UPOS-510 supports I/O expansion for flexible installation and can be equipped with diverse peripherals to satisfy diverse applications.
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UPOS-211 15" Compact AiO POS System
Advantech UPOS-211 is an all-in-one point-of-sale (POS) system that features a small footprint and dual-hinge design, making it ideal for countertops and limited-space installations. Featuring an Intel® processor, UPOS-211 ensures high-performance computing and reliable data processing, while supporting flexible customization.
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AIM-37 10.1" Mobile Tablet and Mini-POS System (2017)
Advantech AIM-37 is an industrial-grade mobile point-of-sale (mPOS) system with a built-in barcode scanner and HD Corning® Gorilla® Glass display offering a MTBF of up to 12,000 hours. It also features a directly bonded touchscreen with water tolerance and diverse peripherals to support diverse applications.
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