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Advantech WebAccess
Advantech WebAccess, as the core of Advantech’s IoT solutions, has also become not only a HMI and SCADA software solution, but also an IoT software framework to connect eco-partners and system integrators for IoT application. With Advantech WebAccess, a browser-based HMI/SCADA software, users can monitor and control their project simply through a web browser.
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Power and Energy Management Solutions
Power & energy applications are becoming more and more critical as demands for electricity continue to increase worldwide. New challenges are arising due to the limitations of traditional power resources as we try to minimize the impact our power usage has on the environment. To that end, renewable energies, such as wind and solar power are playing more significant roles in modern electricity grids. Furthermore, the modernization of legacy Transmission & Distribution (T&D) systems and providing reliable T&D information for electric power management are becoming key goals for today’s power and energy applications. To optimize the effectiveness of integration from various Distributed Energy Resources (DER) and ensure the interoperability and interconnectivity of control devices with varying proprietary protocols, the IEC 60870-5 standard for telecontrol, teleprotection, and associated telecommunications for electric power systems.
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New Energy Solution
Wind farms and photovoltaic power stations are often located in remote places which make controlling the on-site
operation status difficult; unexpected stoppages or abnormal occurrences cause problems and Advantech provides
complete solutions for real-time monitoring. Wind farm intelligent gateways acquire a variety of field data, and wireless
communication solves the issue of complex wiring problems, large amounts of information is processed in a cloud server and finally to SCADA software presenting real-time monitoring information, failure alarms and customized report, to effectively develop the maximum operational efficiency of the wind farm and photovoltaic power station.

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Advantech Industrial Automation Application Stories

Advantech Industrial Automation Application Stories Brochure introduces 48 real Industrial Automation Group application cases in 5 different vertical markets, including Building Automation, Environmental Monitoring & Facility Management, Machine Automation & Factory Automation, Intelligent Transportation System, and Power & Energy.

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