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TREK-530, Android Compact In-Vehicle Computing Box for Fleet Management, Advantech(EN)
Easy Customization for Diverse Applications
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Advantech ADAS Solution for Electric Bus-WCIT, Taiwan Excellence(EN)
Advantech demonstrates ADAS solution for electric bus at 2017 World Congress on Information Technology (WCIT).
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Advantech Advanced Driver Assistance Systems(EN/CN)
Driver behavior management and forward collision warning enhance driving safety
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Advantech iLogistics TREK Series- Fleet Management(EN)
Advantech intelligent solution optimizes fleet management
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AIM-65, 8" Industrial Tablet with Application-Oriented Peripherals, Advantech(EN)
A wide range of modularized peripherals
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Advantech PWS-472 Industrial-Grade Handheld Terminal(EN)
Optimizing factory and logistics management
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